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Our experts leverage their experience and expertise to design fully
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Streamlined WordPress Solutions by EDG.Tech

EDG.Tech is your one-stop shop for all your WordPress site needs. It doesn’t matter whether you need help with creating a new site from scratch, making essential tweaks to your existing site to optimise it better, or wish to migrate your current site to WordPress to more efficiently manage and edit it; we are here to help you. Thanks to the more than 23 years’ worth of experience here at EDG.Tech, we have expert WordPress services to ensure your site is as good as it can be.

WordPress Site Development

Are you starting a brand-new website and want to take advantage of WordPress’s great features and just how easy it is to use? We can help you to develop a site that will inform and engage your target audience while providing you with a strong presence online. Our team will collaborate with you closely to ensure the design and content on your site match your brand identity and unique voice.
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Updating Your Existing Site

Do you already have a site that could be performing better? Our team can comprehensively audit your website’s design, layout, and performance and suggest updates, edits, and tweaks to improve it. While it is easy to create a WordPress site, making a fantastic site that stands out from the crowd and connects with your target audience takes the expertise and experience we have here at EDG.Tech.

Migrating Your Existing Site

Are you looking to migrate your existing site to WordPress or another specific platform, domain, or cloud-based server? EDG.Tech has experience managing all aspects of site migration. Rather than trying to manage the complexities of site migration yourself and potentially losing essential files or traffic and search engine rankings, let us do all the hard work for you. We are confident you will be surprised at how quickly and easily we make the site migration process.
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WordPress SEO

What if you already have a high-performance WordPress website that runs smoothly and is laid out perfectly for your target audience but needs to attract the amount of traffic you would expect? It could be that your SEO needs work. EDG.Tech, we have worked on hundreds of websites and improved their SEO scores to help them reach the top of SERPs. As well as helping your site to better rank for existing keywords you are already targeting, we will list other important keywords that you may need to be ranking for.

Website Slow and Sluggish?

It may be that your website looks good but is very slow and sluggish. We can run a full audit on its performance and offer suggestions and make the relevant changes necessary to ensure it is as responsive as your target audience expects. The last thing you want is to attract lots of visitors only to have them leave because they lose interest when pages need to load up quickly enough.
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