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Migrating Your Office to the Cloud for Durability and Portability

At EDG.Tech, we have the expertise and experience to provide end-to-end support with migrating your office to the cloud to offer durability, portability, and practicality.

Virtualization is something that many businesses are aware exists, but that intimidates them. Perhaps you are in the same boat at EDG.Tech, we want to make the cost-effective, space-saving, and streamlining solution of virtualization by migrating your office to the cloud easier to understand.

Before we highlight the various benefits you can expect for your business operations when you choose virtualization, let us first explain what it means and entails.

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What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the specialist process that involves running a virtual version of different computer systems in layers separate from the actual hardware. As you may already know, running multiple servers for particular tasks, operations, and systems can be costly and inefficient. The processing power and storage space required can be monuments. That’s where virtualization is beneficial, as it allows you to use just one physical hardware system to house various cloud-based environments.

Different Types of Virtualization

Although the concept remains the same in principle, there are several ways we can help your business with virtualization based on the operational needs of your business.

Please explore the various methods of Virtualization that EDG.tech is ready and willing to help your organization with.

One of the most popular types, desktop virtualization, provides separation between physical device and desktop environment, providing users full access to applications and personal files on any computer in the network. This means your team will only have to bring their work laptops around some of the time or come into your office to work on specific tasks.

They can work remotely from anywhere. With the use of virtual desktops, it also means your company can respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of your team, including those that have small families and that perhaps live a long commute away.

Virtualization can be used to allow several operating systems to run from one single server. As they are all housed physically within the same space in your business premises, you reduce server complexity, sprawl, and operating costs while increasing server availability, workload deployment, application performance, and efficiency in general.

Application virtualization is a choice that allows for your business-critical applications to be delivered from your server to your team’s devices, whether it’s tablets, smartphones, or laptops. This saves a lot of time and effort as they do not have to log into the computer to gain access to applications.

As you may have guessed from the name, virtualization reproduces a whole physical network and operates from one resource using specialist software. Although the applications can be run the same way as they would on physical networks, virtual networks offer more operational benefits and independence from being tied to physical hardware.

Why Choose EDG.Tech?

Suppose you feel that migrating your office to the cloud through virtualization is something that would work for your business, speak to one of our team here at EDG.Tech. We have successfully migrated several small offices to the cloud using various options, such as Amazon Workspaces for desktop virtualization, EC2 for server virtualizations, and S3 for a file share.

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