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EDG.Tech is an experienced, full-service customized software development agency specializing in virtual IT services. Before hiring us to help with your organization’s, IT needs, find out more about our company.

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, EDG.Tech was founded by Duane Epperly in 2016. whether you are looking for help with WordPress, app development, virtual IT, AWS, consultation, or support, we are here to help.

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Owner at EDG.tech

Duane Epperly

Duane Epperly, our founder, and manager, is an IT specialist with more than 23 years of experience in software solution development. Throughout that time, he has worked offering support to both major and minor projects, including large federal-run programs and smaller-scale non-profits. He has also conducted  IT support work with school systems in the area. The current projects that EDG.Tech is undertaking, at the moment, reinventing a 20th-century software solution with a view to the new world of cloud-based platforms, hardware, and software, along with app development, deployment and integration, and web-based customer-facing portals.

Passionate about his work and EDG.Tech, Duane is excited about what the integration of smart technology and how the tech integrates means for our ever-evolving and more digitized world. He believes that when executed properly, it can help individuals and organizations and supply much better experiences for employees and customers.

EDG-Tech Brand Goals

Our strong goals drive our work as a full-service IT agency. These include supplying solutions that work best for your company, the individuals that make up your team, and the customers and/or clients you serve. Two of our most important goals are:

Seamless Management

At EDG.Tech, we feel strongly that managing your IT projects should be seamless, hassle, and stress-free. Our experienced and talented team will collaborate directly with yours to ensure unparalleled communication makes this a reality.

Easy Integration and Incorporation

The solutions we offer at EDG.Tech is designed to be easily integrated and incorporated into your existing IT systems and processes. This helps to reduce the learning curve involved with introducing new software.

What We Offer

As part of our commitment to offering the very best IT services to you, we provide in the following ways:

With Solutions

Collaborating with you closely, we will determine the issues you are having, design a suitable solution, and implement it.

With Technology

To stay ahead of the industry, our team is always reading and learning about the new technologies introduced to ensure we always offer our clients the best.

With Support

At EDG.Tech, we are not interested in developing and deploying solutions, taking your money, and leaving you to just deal with it yourself. Providing as much support as our clients need is important. That is why, when you hire us, you will have the support of our fully experienced and talented team even after our solutions are up and running in your organization.